XTRA Airways

"Beyond what is expected."

For 25 years, Xtra Airways has established a reputation for outstanding customer service and support.

Delivered by people with a passion for aviation, XTRA Airways continues to impress customers daily with personalized support and attention to detail.

Whether large project or small, allow XTRA Airways to prove to you what so many past and present customers already know: XTRA Airways goes "beyond what is expected."


All XTRA Airways aircraft are cared for by highly qualified FAA certified technicians in accordance with an FAA Approved maintenance program which is as, or more, stringent than those maintenance programs in use by global airlines.

In its 25 years of operation Xtra Airways has maintained an impeccable safety record.

For these reasons and more, XTRA Airways holds a platinum rating from ARGUS International, Inc., their highest award.


A great flight is defined by the quality of its cabin service, and XTRA Airways is renowned for its friendly and professional flight attendants. Whether delivering standard, daily service or accommodating complex meal and catering requests, XTRA’s cabin staff is at the ready to make sure every trip is "beyond what is expected."


Safety and reliability go hand-in-hand. The policies and procedures that lead to a safe airline also help produce a reliable one as well. And the proof is evidenced by XTRA's mechanical dispatch reliability rate of 99%.

Program Development and Partnerships

Do you operate a program with a carrier you would rather replace? Have you considered starting a new program or augmenting an existing one? With its years of experience in the charter and scheduled markets, low cost-structure, technical expertise and friendly staff, XTRA Airways is a great choice for any endeavor. Call today!

XTRA airplane from starboard side